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Laminated Windows

EMC Mesh Window

Polarizer Filters

OLED ITO Polished Glass

ITO Glass and Coating

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Full Product Range for Visiontek Systems Ltd.


EMC & EMI Display Filters

ITO Glass & Film

Specialised Filters

Anti Reflective Products

Polycarbonate, Acrylic and Glass Materials

Transparent Heaters & Anti-Fog Coatings







Emiclare Mesh Windows

ITO coated Glass

Polarizers, Circular and Linear

AR coated Polycarbonate

Hard Coated Polycarbonate sheet & Windows

ITO Glass Heater

Emiclare Solo Thin Windows ITO coated Polished Glass OLED Linear Polarisers AR coated Acrylic Acrylic Sheet & Windows EMI Heater Windows
Emiclare Polycarbonate Windows ITO coated PET Film Circular Polariser AR coated Glass Privacy Filters Anti-Fog Coating & Anti-Fog Polycarbonate
Emiclare Glass Windows ITO coated PEN Film Infra-Red Band Pass Filters Non Glare hard Coated Polycarbonate Security Screens  

Micromesh High Transparent Windows

Patterned ITO Glass and PET Film

Laser Scanner Filters


Glass for Industrial Applications  

Standard EMI Mesh Blackened opi

FTO coated Glass

Contrast Enhancement Filters   Glass for Electronic Displays  
Custom made EMC Mesh Windows ITO Coatings Security Screens   Sight and Gauge Glass  
EMC Mesh Shielding Comparison Conductive 15 ohms/sq Flexshield PET film Privacy Filters   Glass for Transportation applications  

Laminated EMI specialist Windows

ITO coated Microscope Slides and Coverslips

EMI Mesh Windows   Glass for Lighting Applications  
Emiclare Lasermesh EMI film ITO coated Borosilicate Glass Laser Cutting Services   Glass for other Industrial Applications  

EMC Windows General





Specialised Glass Sheets




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