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Glass - For Electronic Displays and Industrial Applications

Visiontek Systems offers a range of just about every type of glass and thickness. We can machine, cut, grind, toughen, curve and polish the glass to suite your application. Glass applications are listed below. Click on the type of application for a more detailed description of what we can offer.

 Glass For Electronic Display Applications

 Sight And Gauge Glass

 Glass For Transportation Systems

 Glass For Transport Lighting

 Glass For Lighting

 Glass For Other Industrial Applications



 Below is a list of links for technical information for the different types of specialised glass used in the above applications

 Soda Lime float glass

 Anti Reflective Glass

 Non Glare Etched Glass

 Thermally Tempered Glass

 Chemically Tempered Glass

 ITO Coated Glass

 FTO Coated Glass

 Borosilicate Glass

 To view our full range of glass sheets, click here. These can be supplied in either the full size sheets as listed, or cut into smaller pieces. A price list is available on request