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Thermally Tempered Glass or Toughened Glass

Visiontek Systems offer a range of thermally tempered or toughened glass

bulletAt least two and a half times as strong as traditionally tempered glass· Five times as strong as un-tempered glass
bulletIt can be ground, drilled and cut without any risk of breakage

Thermally tempered glass, when laminated, will have a localized break pattern for better visibility


Minimum thickness 3.0mm


Thermally Toughened glass is produced by heating annealed glass to high temperatures and then rapidly cooling to induce high compression in its surface. This pre-stressing produces a much stronger glass that will be less liable to break under impact or through thermal stress. When broken, toughened (or tempered) glass will fragment into small and comparatively harmless pieces. Toughened glass is considered as a "safety glass" and conforms to the British Standard BS6206 so that it can be used in all applications and locations.


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