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Thermally Tempered Glass or Toughened Glass

Visiontek Systems offer a range of thermally tempered or toughened glass

bulletAt least two and a half times as strong as traditionally tempered glass· Five times as strong as un-tempered glass
bulletIt can be ground, drilled and cut without any risk of breakage

Thermally tempered glass, when laminated, will have a localized break pattern for better visibility


Minimum thickness 3.0mm


How to improve the resistance of your glass by thermal tempering ?


Advantages of tempered glass

bullet 2 to 5 times more impact resistant than un-tempered glass
bullet High resistance to thermal stress
bullet When it breaks, the glass bursts into multiple pieces with very few sharp parts
bullet Verre Industrie applies the current standards of safety glass
bullet BUILDING: EN12150
bullet RAILWAY: NFF31129
bullet LIGHTING: EN60598



Manufacturing process for tempered glass

bullet Glass cutting & processing needs to be done before tempering
bullet Heating: passing the glass through an oven to bring it close to its softening point (+/- 600°C depending on the type of glass)e
bullet Tempering: sudden and rapid surface cooling thanks to air jets, creating antagonistic forces between the core and the glass surface and thus making it more resistant.  
bullet Cooling: during complete cooling, the core of the glass will not be able to contract as much as it wishes and therefore expands, the skins in reaction will be in compression.


Applications of tempered glass

Tempered glass is used in many industries

bullet Transport
bullet Electronics
bullet Industrial equipment
bullet Lighting
bullet Urban furniture
bullet Building



Hardening control with fragmentation test :
the quality of the hardening is checked on every batch by a breakage test
Discover our fragmentation test video

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