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Patterned ITO Coating, Indium Tin Oxide

Visiontek can offer patterning of ITO in the following formats:

  •  ITO GLASS ITO coated soda lime float glass ITO Coatings
  •  ITO PET  , 50, 100 or 300 ohms/sq, on 175 micron thick polyester film ITO Polyester Sheet
  •  Custom produced ITO on a variety of substrates, including polycarbonate,  acrylic , and special  glasses with a range of sheet resistances.
  •  OLED Polished ITO glass on polished soda lime float glass OLED Glass
  •  FTO coated Glass - Laser Scribed TEC8, TEC10,TEC15. FTO Glass


A specialized pattern masking process is used which allows us to offer quantities

ranging from small scale prototyping and research and development requirements to

full scale production volumes. Patterns can be produced from engineering drawings or directly from data files.


The process limitations patterning ITO coated glass are


  • Maximum patterning area      350 x 350 mm
  • Minimum feature dimension   0.05 mm
  • Minimum spacing                   0.05 mm
  • Positioning accuracy              +/- 0.02 mm

The process limitations patterning ITO coated PET Film are


  • Maximum patterning area      250 x 250 mm
  • Minimum feature dimension    0.2 mm
  • Minimum spacing                   0.2 mm
  • Positioning accuracy              +/- 0.2 mm


Conductive Coatings

Visiontek Systems Ltd offers a range custom ITO coatings and a 

range of ITO coated glass sheet. 


Clarity is an important consideration for display filters. Choosing an emi-shielded filter

involves a trade-off between clarity and shielding effectiveness. Conventional mesh 

windows offer about 60-70% light transmission and can produce optical distortion 

patterns, the shielding effectiveness however is high with up to 80dB of attenuation.
The alternative solution is to use a glass or plastic substrate with a transparent metallic coating. These offer between 55% and 85% light transmission depending on the level of resistance required and will not distort the image on the display. The shielding 

effectiveness is much lower than metallic mesh windows, with an attenuation of between

5 and 40dB depending on the size of the display and the level of light transmission 


ITO coated glass

Emi-ITO Glass is a range of EMI shielded windows with a conductive coating for use 

in EMI/RFI shielding applications. The combination of high visible light transmission, 

near neutral colour and low electrical resistance make an ideal EMI/RFI shield for

electronic displays requiring moderate shielding effectiveness and high quality optical properties.

Product Format

EMI-ITO windows are either un-laminated or fully laminated glass filters with an ITO 

coating of 12 ohms per square. Windows are available to order as finished windows. Laminated versions offer greater strength and options for front surface treatment and 

edge profiles.


Coating Properties

The soda lime float glass is coated with a primary layer of Silicone Oxide (SiO2) and secondary layer of Indium Tin Oxide (ITO).

Surface Resistance:-          12 ohms per square

Coating Thickness:-           150nm

Heat Resistance:-              450 degree C

Humidity (60C/90% RH) .   No effect

Adhesion to glass:-             MIL M-13508 4.4.6

Abrasion Resistance:-         MIL C-675-A 4.6.11

                                         MIL E-12397-B

Transmittance at 550nm:-   89%

Colour:-                              Clear

Reflection:-                         < 4%

Termination Method

Direct contact can be made to the conductive surface by suitable conductive fabric 

over foam gasket, silver loaded silicone gasket, copper tape or silver epoxy painted 

bus bar. Do not use gaskets containing metal which can damage the coating or place 

the window directly against a hard plastic or metal surface

Product Range

Size:-              Parts up to 500mm x 400mm

Thickness:-     1.1mm un-laminated

                        Greater than 2.5mm laminated

Front Finish:-  Plain Glass

                        Anti-Reflective (MLAR) coating

                        Non-Glare (VRD 140) etch

Edge Form:-


Design Options

Constrast Enhancement and privacy filters

Colours and neutral density tints

NIR blocking filters

 ITO Polyester Sheet

 ITO Coatings