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VISAR – Anti Reflecting, AR, Coating on Plastic Sheet

     VISAR 01 is the first in a range of high performance high quality anti reflecting, AR, coating on plastic substrates designed to reduce unwanted reflection in filters and screens for LCD’s and other electronic display devices.

     VISAR 01 is a multi-layer anti reflecting, AR, coating produced by vacuum deposition. It is available on sheet, acrylic and polycarbonate, from 0.5mm to 8.0mm thick.

 Image result for image anti-reflective coated window Image result for non glare polycarbonate screen images

Please click a link below for information about desired AR coated plastic substrate.

 VISAR 01 AR Polycarbonate

 VISAR 01 AR Acrylic

 VISAR 02 AR Acrylic For Large Displays

 AR Anti Reflective Coated Glass

 AR Anti Reflective Matt Film

 Anti-Fog Coating and Anti-Fog Polycarbonate

The spectral reflectivity over UV, visible and Near Infrared wavelengths is illustrated below.

        VISAR 01 has been subjected to a variety of tests to determine its durability in a range of environments. Typical results are detailed below.


Test Conditions



Cross Hatch Tape Test

No Coating Removal

Surface Hardness

Pencil Scratch Test


Cleaning Agents

Methyl, Ethyl Alcohol

No Change

Humidity Resistance

1000 hr, 60°C, 95% RH

No Change

Thermal Resistance

1000 hr, 80°C

No Change

Product Availability

Please note that both VISAR 01 Polycarbonate and VISAR 01 Acrylic are available with either one or two sided AR coated.


Maximum Size


VISAR 01 Polycarbonate

385 x 500mm

0.5mm to 5mm

VISAR 01 Acrylic

385 x 500mm

0.5mm to 8mm

VISAR 02 Acrylic

 385 x 500mm

2mm to 5mm

   VISAR 01 coated plastic sheet can also be be laminated with shielding materials to produce AR EMC screens. It can also be laminated with vision enhancement filters to produce optical filters. Please follow the link below to find data on our laminating options.

Laminated Windows