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VISAR 05 Anti-Fog Coating


 VISAR 05 Anti-fog coating is a modified polyurethane thermal cure coating that combines permanent water sheeting anti-fog performance with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. VISAR 05 Anti-fog coating is ideally suited for applications on polycarbonate and acrylic substrates. VISAR 05 Anti-fog coating has been developed for applications where high durability and water soak resistance is required though it is not designed for exterior parts or swimming goggles.

 Key performance properties

 Permanent anti-fog performance

 Abrasion resistance

 Chemical resistance

 Optical clarity

 Good hardness

 Cured coating properties

Cured coating properties were determined from testing conducted at Optical Coating Technologies and their supplier partners. Note that the substrate to be coated must withstand 125oC.

 Property                                                     Typical Values             

 Coating thickness                                                        <5 microns                             

 Refractive index                                                         1.47                                        

 Taber abrasion                                                             16% haze at 500 revs             

 Adhesion                                                                     100%   ASTM D3359-87                  

 Anti-fog resistance                                                      >3minutes                          

 Water soak (de-ionized)                                              2 hours no change      

 Transparency                                                               550nm, 3mm thick: >98%

 Pencil hardness                                                           4H

 Solvent resistance                                                       Pass for ammoniated cleaners, IPA, ethanol, gasoline, diesel and cyclohexane but not acetone

 In service care

 VISAR 05 Anti-fog coating surfaces are designed to operate in ventilated environments or sealed environments with normal levels of humidity.

 Should the coated surface become totally saturated with condensate remove it to a place where it can air dry naturally.

 VISAR 05 Anti-fog coating may be rinsed under fresh running cold water to remove debris without adversely affecting its anti-fog or abrasion resistant properties.

 Cleaning of a VISAR 05 Anti-fog coating coated surface should be performed when the coated surface is dry, using a dry fine cloth or tissue. Breathe on the surface and wipe away dust with light strokes in a single direction, remembering to rotate the cloth to a fresh surface with each cleaning stroke.


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