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EMI, EMC Mesh Windows and Screens

Seeing is believing

EmiClare EMI, EMC mesh windows and displays are available in 5 different product ranges. Emiclare emi display mesh gives the highest EMC, EMI, RFI shielding attenuation combined with the best levels of optical transparency. A list of laminated screen filters are below.

Emiclare Micromesh                   EMI High Transparency Display window (highest transparent mesh window on the market)

EmiClare Polycarbonate              EMI laminated polycarbonate window

EmiClare Glass                          EMI laminated glass window

Emiclare Ultra                           Custom made EMI window, polycarbonate or glass

EmiClare PDP                            EMI mesh window for Plasma Displays

EmiClare H                               EMI heater window

EmiClare CPOL                          EMI Circular Polariser window

Emiclare Solo                            Ultra thin emi mesh window

Emiclare Lasermesh                    EMI Film

EmiClare seeing is believing

EmiClare is a new generation of emi-shielded window optimised for total performance.

Click here to view OPTICAL TRANSMISSION data or Click here to view EMI shielding effectiveness

  • Eliminates optical interference (Moiré fringing patterns)
  • Offers high light transmission to preserve the clarity of your display
  • Provides highly efficient, broad band emi shielding performance

The copper based EmiClare mesh is treated using a proprietary, highly conductive blackening process with a conductivity of less than 100 milliohms per square.

Conventional blackening finishes are achieved by a chemical process that forms a black copper or silver oxide on the surface of the mesh. These oxide coatings are inherently non-conductive so the effective termination of the mesh is dependent on breaking through the coating and contacting the metal of the mesh. Visiontek System's blackening process provides a reliable termination by eliminating the risk factor involved with conventional finishes.

This unique range includes the following laminated windows:

EmiClare Polycarbonate A general purpose polycarbonate window with light transmission greater than 76%.
EmiClare Glass A laminated glass window with emi-shielding offering a light transmission greater than 76%.
EmiClare PDP The most effective solution for shielding plasma displays.
EmiClare H Visiontek System's solution to temperature dependant LCDs, incorporating a heater circuit for defrosting and maintaining the LCD at an effective operating temperature.
EmiClare CPOL A glass or polycarbonate emi shielded window incorporating a circular polariser for sunlight readability.

  We also supply the mesh seperately, click here for info