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EmiClare RFI shielding mesh window - Optical Transmission

The EmiClare™ RFI shielding mesh window has been optimised to provide exceptional optical performance without sacrificing RFI shielding. The data detailed below is actual transmission of the total window and avoids the confusion caused by quoting the calculated mesh open area as the transmission of the finished window.

The light transmission of an RFI Shielding window is determined by the following factors:


Mesh Transmittance

EmiClare RFI shielding mesh provides brighter image quality through higher mesh transmittance.


The following chart gives a guide of the light transmittance (T%) of the common substrates.

Plain "float" glass 90-92%
Clear polycarbonate* 85-90%
Clear acylic* 85-90%
Clear polyester* 83-88%
* Varies with thickness due to internal dispersion and may also vary between suppliers.


Surface Finish

The following table quantifies the effect of the common surface finishes on optical transmittance.

Surface Finish Reduction in T%
Non Glare coatings 60-70 gloss 2-3%
Non Glare coatings 80-90 gloss 1%
Clear hard coats <1%
MLAR coatings on glass <1%
ITO coatings 16-20 ohms/square 5-10%

Finished Windows

By design EmiClare windows deliver improved optical performance.

Optical Transmission Results

A = Laminate with 0.64mm Non-Glare and clear Hard Coated polycarbonate.
B = Laminate with 1.2mm glass. Plain finish to both surfaces.
C = Laminate with 1.5mm Non-Glare and plain polycarbonate 
D = Laminate with 1.2mm (MLAR) glass and 1.2mm plain glass