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EMI Shielded Polycarbonate Mesh Windows & Windows


Emiclare Sigma-Polycarbonate

EmiClare is a range of EMI shielded windows designed by Visiontek Systems Ltd for optimum optical performance without sacrificing EMI shielding performance.

Sigma is the standard EmiClare polycarbonate window which offers a cost effective solution with short delivery times.

Product Format

EmiClare Sigma is a fully laminated polycarbonate window with EmiClare EMI shielding. Manufactured in large sheets, EmiClare Sigma is available in a range of standard thicknesses.

The front surface is either a non-glare or clear hard coating and the rear surface is clear hard coated. It is available in sheets or as finished parts terminated with a silver bus bar.


Substrate Properties

    Optical grade polycarbonate.

    High impact resistance.

    UL94 HB flammability rating.

    High clarity non-glare or hard-coated clear

     gloss front surface finish.

    Hard coated clear gloss rear surface.

    Chemical resistance to DIN 42 115.

     3H pencil hardness scratch resistance.

Optical properties

EmiClare mesh provides higher brightness of image.



   Actual light transmissions of the fully laminated window at 500-550nm are: 65-68 Non-glare front surface finish. 66-70 Clear gloss finish both sides.


   EmiClare Sigma windows are manufactured in our IS09001 approved facility and inspected to the Optical Inspection

   Standard OIS/4



Shielding Effectiveness

This graph is a guide to the typical shielding effectiveness of EmiClare mesh.


EmiClare Sigma windows are CNC machined to size with either a stepped or square edge profile. A silver painted bus bar is used to terminate the mesh in a "L' or 'C' shape cross section, this has 5-10 db reduction in shielding compared with direct contact to the mesh. Windows can be supplied with additional conductive gaskets, environmental seals and tapes.

         Please refer to EmiClare Sigma Technical Guide for details on steps and bus bar widths.

Product Range

Sheet Size: 570 x 700 mm (nominal)

Standard Thickness :  1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 and 4.0 mm ( 0.2 mm)

Finish:  Non glare or clear hard coating

Emiclare Ultra are custom built windows using Emiclare mesh, available in glass or polycarbonate with options including extended mesh and sunlight readability filter.



  • Sheets Ex stock
  • Finished window lead times from 5 10 working days