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 EMI Mesh Circular Polariser Display or Window

Emiclare CPOL is an EmiClare emi, emc mesh window incorporating a neutral density circular polariser for maxmium contrast enhancement and "sunlight readability". Effectively an EMC, EMI circular polariser. High levels of EMC, EMI, RFI shielding are achieved by using Emiclare high transparency mesh. Other mesh, such as 100 opi, can also be used.

EmiClare®CPOL windows are available in glass with VRD140 non glare or Anti-Reflective coating on the front surface or in polycarbonate with hard coated surfaces and a non-glare or AR Anti Reflective front surface.


Circular polarisers are well established as the most efficient form of contrast enhancement available. Their use in emi windows has been largely restricted to designs using a conductive coating as the shielding element which results in a significant compromise in shielding performance. In some applications a emi metal mesh and circular polariser are used giving a light transmission of the finished window in the the order of 18-22%. Optical interference patterns can also be a problem due interaction between the mesh and circular polariser.

Circular polarisers have a light transmission of 38-42% and when combined with a high light transmission EmiClare mesh less than 5% light transmission is lost, optical interference patterns are eliminated and high level broad band shielding is achieved.

Technical Specification

Substrates Glass or Polycarbonate.
Surface finish Glass - plain.
- Anti-Reflective coating(Raverage < 0.5% )

- Clear hard coat.
- Non-glare hard coat (75 gloss @ 60')
Thickness  from 2.0mm.
Size 450x1250mm (maximum)
Mesh EmiClare. 
Light transmission >32% (visible).
C.E. ratio 40:1

Typical EMI shielding characteristics.

Electric Field
Freq.(MHz) 1 2 4 7 10
Atten. (dB)  70 68 68  68 65
Electric Field
Freq.(MHz) 20 50 100 200 500 1000
Atten. (dB) 50 63 70 68 62 55
Test data to MIL-STD285, 12x12" aperture.

Termination and Edge Form

Square and step edge forms are available with a silver busbar termination as shown below.

Edges are clean cut and ground in glass and machined in polycarbonate. The busbar covers the edge and the front or back face as required.

Square Edge

Step edges are machine in polycarbonate and built in during the lamination of glass windows. Conductive gaskets and environmental seals can be added.

Step Edge


EmiClare windows are manufactured in Optical filters' ISO9001 approved facility and inspected to the Optical Inspection Standard OIS/3.

    We also supply the mesh seperately, click here for info