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 EMI Display Window for Plasma, Emiclare

An EmiClare emi mesh display filter window is optimised for the low frequency shielding requirement of 42" Plasma Displays.

EmiClareŽ PDP emi display filter windows are available in glass or polycarbonate with a choice of terminations to suit various bezel and mounting arrangements. Click here for the full Emiclare emc filter range.


Large plasma displays generate significant emi at low frequencies. Neither of the traditional approaches of ITO coating or conventional mesh windows provide a satisfactory solution. They fail to provide sufficient emi attenuation and/or the optical performance is unacceptable.
EmiClare PDP uses our proprietary mesh technology combined with our laminating expertise to produce emi window formats in glass or polycarbonate which meet the CE mark and FAA/CAA requirements.

Technical Specification

Substrates  Glass or Polycarbonate.
Surface finish  Glass
- plain or AR coating (Raverage < 0.5% )
- Clear hard coat.
- Non-glare hard coat (75 gloss @ 60')
Thickness 4.4-4.8mm.
Size 950x1500mm (maximum)
Mesh  EmiClare PDP.
Light transmission >65% (visible).
IR transmission <5% (800 -1500nm)
Emi shielding  see data.
Termination  see data


EmiClare windows are manufactured in Optical filters' ISO9001 approved facility and inspected to the Optical Inspection Standard OIS/3.

Typical EMI shielding characteristics.

Electric Field
Freq.(MHz)  1  10 
Atten. (dB) 70 68 68 68  65
Electric Field
Freq.(MHz)  20 50  100  200 500 1000
Atten. (dB) 50  63 70  68 62 55
Test data to MIL-STD285, 12x12" aperture
Specific test results carried out on a 42" plasma display can be obtained by contacting Optical filters Ltd.


Three standard terminations are available:

Mesh Extension over a neoprenen gasket
Copper tape over a mesh extension
Copper tape over a silver busbar

We also supply the mesh seperately, click here for info