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Emiclare Micromesh

High Transparent RFI Shielding, EMC Laminated Mesh Windows and Displays


For 15 years Visiontek Systems has been at the forefront in the innovation and development of EMI/RFI shielding solutions for display and windows. The 2nd Generation EmiClare MicroMesh is the latest in a series of products that started with the original EmiClare woven wire mesh. As displays continue to evolve in size and definition, the new generation MicroMesh offers the combination of higher light transmission and shielding effectiveness that is not achievable with ITO coatings.

2nd Generation EmiClare MicroMesh is the result of Visiontek Systems continued R&D program and maintains the principle of innovation by combining the fine line conductive printing process as introduced with our EmiClare LaserMesh with the display-optimised pattern that has made EmiClare MicroMesh the leading solution for shielded displays and touch screens.

This document presents the features of the 2nd Generation EmiClare MicroMesh in comparison with the discontinued 1st Generation MicroMesh and EmiClare LaserMesh which are now obsolete

Mesh Specification

A line spacing of 300m (85opi) is the optimum pitch for electronic displays and is a common specification for all 3 products. The improved 2nd Generation EmiClare MicroMesh product offers the benefits of the scalloped aperture shaping for improved control of moir fringing together with finer line width which gives more open area and better light transmission.

  EmiClare MicroMesh
2nd Generation- MM2
EmiClare MicroMesh EmiClare LaserMesh
Line pitch / spacing 300m / 85opi 300m / 85opi 300m / 85opi
Average line width 8m / 0.0003 10m / 0.0004 25m / 0.0010
Open area 95% 93% 83%

Optical Performance

Displays with 2nd Generation EmiClare MicroMesh will be brighter and shall be more readable in all conditions. In addition to increased Photopic Transmission the dull black finish of all edges on the 2nd Generation EmiClare MicroMesh reduces Diffused Reflectance and improves the sunlight readability when compared to with exposed copper in a photo etched MicroMesh.

Original photo-etched MicroMesh Front and Rear


2nd Gen EmiClare MicroMesh Front and Rear

  EmiClare MicroMesh
2nd Generation- MM2
EmiClare MicroMesh EmiClare LaserMesh
Photopic Transmission ≥85% ≤0.14% ≤1.2%
Diffuse Reflectance @ 30 ≥75% ≤0.37% ≤0.7%
Specular Reflectance @ 30 ≥70% ≤0.90% ≤0.7%

# Average data taken when optically laminated between anti-reflective glass layers

Electrical properties

  EmiClare MicroMesh
2nd Generation- MM2
EmiClare MicroMesh EmiClare LaserMesh
Surface resistance/td> ≤0.25Ω/sq ≤0.1Ω/sq ≤0.25Ω/sq



The subtractive photo-etched process to form the micro-replicated conductive grid in MicroMesh manufacture results in a diffused aperture that requires a secondary lamination to make an optically clear filter. With a deposition process the aperture of 2nd Generation EmiClare MicroMesh is clear removing the requirement to fully optical laminate.


  EmiClare MicroMesh
2nd Generation- MM2
EmiClare MicroMesh EmiClare LaserMesh
Maximum optical area 634 x 1124mm 630 x 1130mm 600 x 1100mm
Standard bias angle 36 +/-1 36 +/-2 36 +/-1
Total thickness 130m 130m 130m
PSA Option 25m 25m 25m

# Bias angle from the front measured anti-clockwise from horizontal

Samples are available on request


The micromesh range of laminated EMI windows is part of Visiontek Systems range of EMI Windows and Emiclare EMI Windows


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