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EMI Glass Filter Window and Display, EmiClare

A new generation of cost effective EMI EMC shielded, laminated glass filter windows optimised for total performance. The highest EMI performance from a screen filter

An EmiClare Glass window is characterised by high level optical transmission and EMI, EMC attenuation. The unique mesh configuration has been specifically designed for displays to eliminate optical distortion patterns and enhance the quality of your display.

Fully laminated glass window

Fully laminated glass window


Optical-grade float glass

Surface Finish

Front: Plain 
Non-glare etched 
Anti-reflective coating
Rear: Plain

Light Transmission

EmiClare Glass window 70-76%


EmiClare™ windows are manufactured in Optical filters' ISO9001 approved facility and inspected to the Optical Inspection Standard OIS/3.

Typical EMI shielding characteristics

Electric Field
Freq. (MHz) 1 2 4 7 10 20
Atten. (dB) 70 68 68 68 65 50
Electric Field
Freq. (MHz)  50 100 200 500 1000  
Atten. (dB) 63 70 68 62 55  
Test data to MIL-STD285, 12 x 12" aperture. For further information please refer to the EMI shielding data sheet.

Standard Build

Sheet Size:  Up to 1m2
Specials: Up to 1.2m x 4.0m
Minimum thickness 2.5mm
Tolerance  +/-0.2mm 
Edge Square or Step


A) Silver busbar (with gasket option)

Silver busbar (with gasket option)

B) Extended mesh over sponge gasket

Extended mesh over sponge gasket

C) Extended mesh secured with conductive tape.

Extended mesh secured with conductive tape.


       4 weeks
Additional Services
       Glass pre-cut to complex shapes
  We also supply the mesh seperately, click here for info