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   Vikuiti™ 3M protective Anti-Reflection Matte Removable Film [ARMR220] 


Visiontek Systems Ltd has been selected by 3M as their service partner for the supply and cutting of Vikuiti™ protective optical enhancement film. State of the art CNC machining techniques allow us to provide a highly accurate and cost effective method of reworking this screen protection material into standard or complex shapes, which meet your exact requirements.


Our vast experience of cutting and handling a wide range of display enhancement materials, means you will be working with an organisation that has a profound understanding of this exciting new material and the specialist techniques necessary to deliver the material to your precise instructions in the most economical format.


Contact us for a competitive price to meet your specific requirements.


LCD displays are extremely fragile. Screen damage costs both time and money, from warranty costs to repair time. Vikuiti™ Anti-Reflection Matte Removable Film ARMR220 helps protect LCD screens from damage and features advanced anti-reflection properties that improve viewing on LCD screens.


bullet Durable – helps protect display from scratches and scuffs
bullet Anti-reflective coating – helps improve clarity and readability
bullet Easy to clean – markers and fingerprints wipe away easily
bullet Removable – non-tacky adhesive removes easily with no residue
bullet Matte surface – for less slippage when writing with a stylus
bullet Ultra thin – ideal for screens requiring a stylus


Protects delicate LCD screens from damage, while improving clarity and readability.

bullet Optically clear, durable film – helps provide non-permanent protection of LCDs
bullet Ultra-thin multi-layer anti-reflection optical coatings on the front surface minimize glare and increase clarity
bullet Anti-soiling top layer – easy to clean
bullet Repels ink and even permanent markers – wipes off easily with a lint-free cloth
bullet Full surface adhesive – no gaps or bunching
bullet Durable hardcoat – designed to last for up to 3 months, depending on use



may help reduce
repair/warranty costs


Nominal film properties



5 mil
1 mil

Pencil Hardness

≥ 3H


10 rubs at 160g/in2

Chemical Resistance

IPA, window cleaner, permanent marker, coffee


Dry Heat

65ºC / 95% RH, 500 hrs
85ºC, 500 hrs

Specular Reflectance

≤ 1.1%


≥ 92%


75-110 gloss units




Maximum sheet size available 559 x 330mm

Film can be cut to customer requirements



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