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VISAR 02 AR Coating For Large Acrylic Sheet


Visiontek Systems have developed a cost effective AR coating that can be supplied in large sheet format. Designed to be used in the large Information Display Market, VISAR 02 AR sheet acrylic is used to improve optical quality, especially in sun light applications.


Transmission graph for VISAR 02 Acrylic Sheet


● Maximum acrylic sheet size is 385 x 500mm


● Acrylic Sheet available in thicknesses of 2 to 5mm


● Visiontek Systems can supply VISAR 02 AR sheet machined  and screen printed to suit your requirements


● Also VISAR 02 can be laminated with additional filters such as polarisers, contrast enhancement filters, EMC mesh and conductive elements to produce complete filters



Test condition






500 g, 5 strokes

< 10 scratches


Tape Test  (3 times)


Surface hardness

Pencil hardness

5 - 6H

Contact angle

Water contact angle

90 degrees

Heat resistance

500 hours, 80C


Humidity resistance

500 hours, 60C, 95% RH


Liquid resistance, Hot water

500 hours, 60C


Weather resistance

500 hours, Xenon irradiation


Salt water resistance

28 days, Salt water spray test



Reflectance graph for VISAR 02 Acrylic Sheet



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