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AR Coated Glass – Anti Reflective Coating on Glass     

Multi-Layer Anti– Reflective (MLAR) coatings are applied to glass substrates to reduce front surface reflections.  These coatings are deposited on the glass substrate using a vacuum deposition process. 

Image result for non glare polycarbonate screen images Image result for image anti-reflective coated window

Product format

MLAR coated clear glass is available in thickness, available on request, starting at 1.1mm. These are available in sheets up to 1219 x 1270mm (1.6mm+).  Parts can be supplied cut and finished to the final specification by our precision glass CNC. To view our full range of glass sheets, click here. These can be supplied in either the full size sheets as listed, or cut into smaller pieces. A price list is available on request

Product specification

The MLAR coating is designed to minimize reflection and maximize transmittance on glass substrates over the visible spectrum. It is especially useful in applications involving high resolution displays.

Spectral Properties

The specular reflection from a plain sheet of glass is approximately 4.5%. MLAR coatings will reduce this to less than 0.5% average reflectance across the visible spectrum.  Typical photopic reflectance ≤0.25%.

Environmental and Durability Properties

Abrasion Resistance:          MIL-C-14806A + MIL-M-1350SC    

Adhesion:                                             MIL-C-48497A

Corrosion:                                             MIL-STD-810E

Humidity:                                               MIL-C-48497A

Solubility:                                              MIL-C-48497A

Design options

Custom optical lamination for impact and safety resistance.    

EMI shielding with laminated EmiClare mesh or ITO coated glass.

MLAR on one or both surfaces.

Privacy, infra-red reflection and contrast enhancement filters

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