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 VISAR Anti Reflection, AR, Coating on Acrylic PMMA     

      VISAR 01 Acrylic is a multi-layer anti reflection, AR, coating produced by vacuum deposition. It is available on sheet acrylic, from 0.5mm to 8.0mm thick. It is also available as a one sided or two sided coated acrylic sheet. 

Because of the chemical and physical characteristics of acrylic, it is necessary to support the VISAR 01 coating by interposing a 7 to 10 micron thick hard coated layer. This gives the acrylic a  more physical durability.

 Image result for image anti-reflective coated window Image result for non glare polycarbonate screen images

     The VISAR 01 coating, like all multi-layer coatings, is susceptible to finger marking so it is recommended that users select the option of an anti fingerprint layer (AS) on the front surface. This hydrophobic layer has no significant effect on the optical performance but improves resistance to finger marking significantly.

  A section through a preferred VISAR product is shown below.


AS Layer (optional)


VISAR 01 AR Layer


Hard Coated Layer






Hard Coated Layer


VISAR 01 AR Layer


       VISAR 01 sheet is supplied with a peel-able protective film on both surfaces. VISAR 01 coated sheets are available in sizes up to 600 x 1000mm or as machined display screens fabricated to drawing.

The spectral reflectivity over UV, visible and Near Infrared wavelengths is illustrated below.


Product Availability

Please note that both VISAR 01 Polycarbonate and VISAR 01 Acrylic are available with either one or two sided AR coated.


Maximum Size


VISAR 01 Polycarbonate

385 x 500mm

0.5mm to 5mm

VISAR 01 Acrylic

385 x 500mm

0.5mm to 8mm

VISAR 02 Acrylic

385 x 500mm

2mm to 5mm

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