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FTO Glass - Fluorine Tin Oxide coated Glass Pieces

 Visiontek Systems offers a whole range FTO coated glass plus patterned FTO coated glass. Applications include  solar and photovoltaics applications: e.g. dye-sensitized cells, organic solar cells.

Prices are available on standard size sheets, or cut to size custom pieces. We can also supply patterned FTO glass pieces with a maximum sheet size of 450 x 300mm and with the thinnest line definition of 0.12mm. Please enquiry with details for an up to date quotation



Maximum standard size (mm)

Thickness (mm)

Visible Transmission (%)

FTO Sheet Resistance (Ohms/sq)





TEC 7 400 x 400mm 1.8mm > 80% 6  to 8 ohms/sq
TEC 8 400 x 400mm 2.2mm & 3.0mm > 80% 7 to 9 ohms/sq
TEC 10 400 x 400mm 1.8mm > 81% 8 to 10 ohms/sq
TEC 11 x (iron free) 400 x 400mm 2.2mm & 3.0mm > 81% 9 to 11 ohms/sq
TEC 15 400 x 400mm 2.2mm & 3.0mm > 82% 12 to 14 ohms/sq

Please note that larger size sheets, up to 1200 x 600mm are available on requested with a minimum order value of 5 sheets

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Also available ITO coated Glass , OLED Grade ITO Polished Glass, ITO coated PEN Film and ITO coated PET Film