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ITO Coated Borosilicate Glass Indium Tin Oxide - Conductive Coated Glass Slides & Sheet

 Visiontek supplies the whole range of ITO coated Borosilicate GLASS products in either sheets or cut to size pieces. Please enquire for prices and samples. Thicker or thinner ITO Borosilicate Glass (or Indium Tin Oxide) pieces are available by laminating or custom coating. Borosilicate is also known as Borofloat glass




ITO resistance

Glass type

Thicknesses available

Maximum sheet size






ITOGLASS 10B 10 ohms/sq Boro-silicate Glass 1.1mm 400 x 500mm
ITOGLASS 15B 15 ohms/sq Boro-silicate Glass 1.1mm 400 x 500mm
ITOGLASS 30B 30 ohms/sq Boro-silicate Glass 1.1mm 400 x 500mm


 Please note that smaller pieces of ITO glass are available. Please email with your desired size, thickness, ITO resistance and quantity required and we will reply immediately with prices. We supply ITO coating on the following glass substrates, Soda Lime Float Glass, Polished Soda Lime Float Glass and Borosilicate Glass.


Plus other resistances and glass thicknesses are available on request.


Visiontek supply a range of ITO coated glass in sheet form that can be used for following applications.

  • Transparent EMC/EMI/RFI Shielding Applications

  • De-Icing and Heater Applications

  • Antennas for mobile communications

  • Display Technology

  • Microscope Slides

  • Transparent Electrodes

  • Circuit Substrates


The combination of high visible light transmission, near neutral colour and low electrical resistance make an ideal EMI/RFI shield for electronic displays requiring moderate shielding effectiveness and high quality optical properties. 


Please click here for ITO Glass Technical Data Information

Also available

 OLED ITO Polished Glass

 Patterned ITO Glass

 ITO coated Microscope Slides and Coverslips

 ITO Polyester (PET) Film

 FTO Coated Glass

 EMI Film Emiclare Lasermesh

Non Standard ITO Coatings on Glass

EMI-ITO windows are either un-laminated or fully laminated glass filters with various

ITO coatings of between 5 and 500 ohms per square. Windows are available to order

as finished windows.

Our laminated versions offer greater strength and options for front surface treatment and edge profiles.


Substrates Available


  • Selected High Quality Float Glass

  • Polished Glass

  • Borosilicate Thin Glass

  • Other available on request


Thicknesses available


  • 0.1mm to 6.0mm


Also available :

Patterned ITO Glass and Plastic

ITO coated PEN Film

ITO Polycarbonate & Polyester Film

ITO Coatings

Visiontek Systems Ltd offers a range of ITO coatings for EMC, anti static and heater window applications. Our ITO coatings can be applied to polycarbonate, acrylic, glass 

and a range of transparent films. The coating resistance can vary between 10 ohms 

per square to 1000 ohms per square depending on the application. Quotations are available for specific applications