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ITO Glass - Conductive Coated Glass Slides & Sheet

Visiontek supply a range of ITO coated glass in sheet form that can be used for following applications.

  • Transparent EMC/EMI/RFI Shielding Applications

  • De-Icing and Heater Applications

  • Antennas for mobile communications

  • Display Technology

  • Microscope Slides

  • Transparent Electrodes

  • Circuit Substrates


The combination of high visible light transmission, near neutral colour and low electrical resistance make an ideal EMI/RFI shield for electronic displays requiring moderate shielding effectiveness and high quality optical properties. 


Standard ITO Glass 4 ohms per square and 12 Ohms per Square

Standard Thickness 1.1mm

The soda lime float glass is coated with a primary layer of Silicone Oxide (SiO2) and secondary layer of Indium Tin Oxide (ITO).

Surface Resistance:-          4 or 12 ohms per square

Coating Thickness:-           150nm

Heat Resistance:-              300 C for 30 minutes

Humidity (60C/90% RH) .   No effect

Adhesion to glass:-             MIL M-13508 4.4.6

Abrasion Resistance:-        MIL C-675-A 4.6.11

                                        MIL E-12397-B

Transmittance at 550nm:-   89%

Colour:-                          Clear

Reflection:-                      < 4%

For polished ITO glass, the roughness is about 1nm.

For un-polished ITO glass, the surface roughness is about 2nm.

The average RMS roughness of ITO is 1~2nm.

Termination Method

Direct contact can be made to the conductive surface by suitable conductive fabric 

over foam gasket, silver loaded silicone gasket, copper tape or silver epoxy painted 

bus bar. Do not use gaskets containing metal which can damage the coating or place 

the window directly against a hard plastic or metal surface

Product Range

Size:-              on request

Thickness:-    0.1mm to 6.0mm un-laminated

                        Greater than 2.5mm laminated

Front Finish:-  Plain Glass

                        Anti-Reflective (MLAR) coating

                        Non-Glare (VRD 140) etch

Edge Form:-


Design Options

Constrast Enhancement and privacy filters

Colours and neutral density tints

NIR blocking filters

Non Standard ITO Coatings on Glass

EMI-ITO windows are either un-laminated or fully laminated glass filters with various

ITO coatings of between 5 and 500 ohms per square. Windows are available to order

as finished windows.

Our laminated versions offer greater strength and options for front surface treatment and edge profiles.


Substrates Available


  • Selected High Quality Float Glass

  • Polished Glass

  • Borosilicate Thin Glass

  • Other available on request


Thicknesses available


  • 0.1mm to 6.0mm


Also available :

Patterned ITO Glass and Plastic

ITO coated Borosilicate Glass

ITO coated PEN Film

ITO Polycarbonate & Polyester Film

EMI Film Emiclare Lasermesh

ITO Coatings

Visiontek Systems Ltd offers a range of ITO coatings for EMC, anti static and heater window applications. Our ITO coatings can be applied to polycarbonate, acrylic, glass 

and a range of transparent films. The coating resistance can vary between 10 ohms 

per square to 1000 ohms per square depending on the application. Quotations are available for specific applications

Flex-Shield 15 Conductive Film

Flex-Shield is a vacuum deposited multi-layer coating on flexible clear polyester film. It 

is available on 175 micron thick polyester and in a conductivity of 10 to 15 ohms/square, 

The coating is optically neutral and have high visible light transmittance. Flex-Shield 

15 has visible light transmittance of > 74%

Flex-Shield is stable in humid environments, showing a resistivity change of only 1% 

when exposed to 24h 95% RH at 49 deg C, and good thermal stability to 80 deg C , resistance change of 2%  after 72 hours at 80 deg C.

The minimum bend radius of the product is 3mm but somewhat higher if the conductive coating is on the outside of the bend. 

Flex-Shield is available in sheet form, as die cut shapes or as rolls up to 1.2 m wide and 1000m long.  Flex-Shield can also be supplied with the additional options of a peelable protective film on both faces and an optically clear pressure sensitive adhesive on the     non-conductive face.

Although Flex-Shield has been developed for the EMC Shielding market other applications include:- Touch Panels, Membrane Switches and Transparent Heating Elements.