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Glass for transportation systems

Visiontek Systems Ltd supplies glass for road and railway vehicles, for aircraft and boats, as well as for ground equipment.

Whether the project is for lighting equipment, a passenger information system, a video surveillance or a hydraulic aggregate, our long-term experience of the glass and its processing enables us to offer you an adapted solution.

Whatever your technical requirements and conditions of use, Visiontek Systems Ltd will offer the design and manufacture of prototypes and up to the implementation of production parts.



Glasses for passenger systems

bulletOnboard computers
bulletPassenger information systems
bulletTouch keyboards
bulletVideo surveillance
bulletLighting equipments
bulletPressure gauges and hydraulic aggregates
bulletSecurity systems
bulletDecorative glasses for interiors

Glass type

bulletsafety glass, laminated glass and laminated safety glass
bulletcurved glass
bullettubes and moulded glass
bulletsafety and laminated mirrors


bulletFor road vehicles UTAC 43R00 nr. 0010246
bulletFor railways : NF 31 129, NF 31 250, STM 059, EN 1036

Glass for ground equipment


bulletPassenger information systems
bulletTicket machines
bulletInformation systems for disabled people
bulletSurveillance equipment
bulletLighting systems for railway stations and traffic control

Glass type

bulletSafety glass, laminated glass and laminated safety glass
bulletCurved glass
bulletTubes and moulded glass
bulletColour glasses


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