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 Glass for Electronic Display Applications

   Glass types and know-how

 Visiontek Systems Ltd have built up a range of standard glasses in order to protect electronic displays, keyboards or surveillance systems. Our modern and complete production equipment enables us to deliver glasses which are ready to be integrated. Glass is now used to improve optical clarity and protection of the displays

Glass types:

  • Anti-reflective
  • Anti-glare
  • Non-glare
  • Glasses with conductive coating
  • Extra-clear
  • Thin glass
  • EMI glass laminates



Processing capability:

  • Cutting
  • CNC-machining
  • Drilling
  • Curving
  • PVB lamination
  • Thermal and chemical toughening
  • Screen Printing (ceramic and 2-components)
  • Laying of protection foils
  • Coatings



We find the right solution for each of your projects

 Visiontek Systems Ltd have developed a range of standard glass (anti-reflective, anti-glare and non-glare) for most current customer needs. For your specific projects, we take care about your technical requirements, and we propose the adapted solution.

Vandalism - Mechanical reinforcement through thermal and chemical toughening, or through lamination, anti-graffiti and anti-scratch films.

EMI-Shielding - Lamination of 2 glasses with conductive coating or with wire mesh

Contrast enhancement - Glasses with transmission adapted to the brightness of the display, anti-reflective, anti-glare or non-glare.

Protection against bad weather - Glasses with heater function through conductive coating or heating wire

Protection against sun radiation - Lamination of infrared reflecting film between 2 glasses

Mechanical optimizing - NC-machining of step glasses to improve design and tightness. Flat and curved glasses with specific forms.

Design optimizing - Printing of colour and aesthetic forms to enhance the product.


Monitors and information systems

Visiontek Systems ltd has a complete range of glass available, and is able

to deliver pieces for all current display sizes. Applications include, industrial 

displays, transport, medical, military, point of sales and administrations



Men-machine-interface and ticket machines

These machines need to be high performing, robust and reliable. The glass is

direct contact with the customer and is one of the most critical components.

Visiontek offer glass solutions for all types of projects. Applications include,

barcode machines, ticket machines for industrial, bank or transport

applications and point of sale

Keyboards and Touch Systems

Glass is a tough and time resistant material. That is the reason why more

and touch systems now use a glass interface. Visiontek produces all types of

glassto the customer's design. Applications include, domatic (or house

control systems), membrane keyboards, touch systems for medical

applications, transport and industrial applications.                                         

Video Surveillance Systems

Visiontek Systems ltd produces a range of protection for surveillance

systems and cameras. Applications include, radar systems, semi-reflective

glasses for surveillance cameras, protection glasses for surveillance displays    

and air traffic control displays




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