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Sight and Gauge Glass Applications


Visiontek Systems Ltd supplies almost all types, current thicknesses and dimensions of sight glasses thanks to a large stock. Depending on your thermal and mechanical requirements, we can propose a suitable glass for any application. We can produce custom made glasses to our customers designs and requirements


Glass Types Available


  • Circular glasses
  • Oblong glasses
  • Reflex glasses
  • Special glasses on customer demand : step glasses, glasses with holes…
  • Form glasses on customer demand



Glass Types Available Thicknesses
Tempered Glass up to 25mm
Borosilicate glass (pyrex, borofloat) up to 50mm
Glasceramic 3.0mm, 4.0mm, and 5.0mm
Fused Silica up to 25mm
Special Glasses : Anti-UV, Anti-IR, Anti-Relective depending on substrates
Saphir on customer demand
Tubes in soda-lime, borosilicate and quartz all standard diameters and thicknesses




  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Nuclear industry
  • Ovens
  • Food industry
  • Thermal cameras
  • Underwater activities
  • Hydraulic systems





  • DIN 7080
  • DIN 7081
  • DIN 8902
  • DIN 8903


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