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                 Borosilicate Glass


Borosilicate glass ( borofloat or Pyrex ) is used in high temperature applications up to 400 C

Borosilicate glass can withstand extreme conditions and demonstrates a very good visual quality.


Borosilicate glass is typically formed from silica and boron oxide constituents. Borosilicate glass has very low thermal expansion coefficient which makes resistant thermal shock more so than any common glass.

Borosilicate also has a high softening point of 820 deg C as well as excellent resistance to water, acids, solvents and halogens. However, high concentrated acid such as hydro fluidic acid and alkaline solutions, corrode the glass rapidly.

Application: Borosilicate is used for virtually all modern laboratory glass ware.  This is because of its chemical thermal resistance as well as optical clarity.

Borosilicate is a cheaper and easier alternative to fused quartz. 

 Other uses include:

  • HD lamps
  • Guitar slides
  • High quality flashlights

Working temperature is 400 deg C


 Visiontek stocks the following thicknesses of Borosilicate Glass


 Stock Thickness, 1.1mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm and 6.0mm


 Available up to 50mm thickness


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