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Flexshield 15 Conductive EMC Polyester Film

 Flexshield 15 is a highly conductive coated optically clear polyester film. The combination of high visible light transmission,

near neutral colour and low electrical resistance make an ideal EMC, EMI or RFI shield for electronic displays, touch screen

and membrane switch panels requiring moderate shielding effectiveness and high quality optical properties. The thin film is ideal

for easy integration into optical stacks and displays.

Product Format

Flexshield 15 is a 175micron polyester film with a vacuum deposited conductive coating on one surface. This coating is durable and is not liable to cosmetic damage such as oxidisation from moisture or finger prints like a silver based coating.















Parts are precision cut by our zero width X-Y CNC. Full. CAD/CAM ability means we have no tooling charges (we can work directly from drawings or electronic files) and the delivery lead time is very short. Flexshield 15 can also be supplied in sheets or rolls, maximum standard web width = 760mm



Application Notes

Parts can be supplied fitted with a PSA gasket on the non-conductive side for ease of assembly or to provide spacing to prevent the optical distortions (Newton Rings).

Termination Method

Direct contact can be made to the conductive surface by a suitable conductive fabric over foam gasket, silver loaded silicone gasket or by using a conductive adhesive tape such as copper, aluminium or tinned copper. Do not use busbar paints or gaskets containing metal wires

Shielding effectiveness

This graph is a guide to the typical shielding effectiveness of Flexshield15.

Substrate properties

Visible light transmission           >82% @550nm

Surface resistance:                    15 ohms/sq

Colour:                                     Clear

Heat test (R/Ro)                        1.03                  150c/30mins

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