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Transparent Heater Windows and Screens

  ThermoClare - Transparent Heaters

Transparent Heaters are used for the defrosting and maintaining LCD displays at optimum operating

temperatures for screen response or the defrosting and maintaining windows from moisture.

Visiontek Systems have developed a clear transparent heater circuit with a proprietary rugged

busbar termination that can incorporated with our range of contrast enhancement and EMI shielded filters.



The Visiontek Transparent Heaters are either unlaminated or  fully laminated glass filters with an Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) coating of 12 ohms/sq. This is an optimum coating density to provide excellent heating performance with good optical clarity compared to the highly reflective thin resistive wires typically used to provide heat. 

Extensive testing and military qualification has proved the Optical Filter transparent heater to maintain a LCD at 20'C with an outside temperature of -50'C and 3íC/minute temperature gradient.


Termination Method

Highly rugged proprietary insulated busbar and wire termination along two opposing edges. 


Transparent heaters are used in a board range of applications including: public information displays, material handling equipment, military ground based vehicles, naval flight deck equipment, control panels on heavy agricultural and earth moving equipment, periscopes and off-shore oil platforms.

Product Range

Un-laminated glass transparent heater

Transmittance   @ 550nm 89%

Thickness          1.1mm only

Material             Plain float finish only

Max size            400 x 500mm

Laminated glass transparent heater

    The ITO surface is located within the lamination for ruggedization and additional  layers incorporated for mechanical and impact resistant.

Thickness         2.5mm upwards

Finish               plain, etch non-glare and                                anti-reflective coating


Additional elements for Multi-function

windows with transparent heater  


EmiClare EMI shielding

Contrast enhancement

Etch non-glare and anti-reflective coated front surface finish

Silk screen printing

Colours neutral density filters









Plus Visiontek offers Anti-Fog coatings and Anti-Fog coated windows. Please click here for more infomation


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