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Privacy Filter & Screen

There are a number of applications for displays where privacy for the viewer is required. A simple and effective solution is to laminate a view control film to rear of the screen. This film will control the position from where the display can be viewed. There are two options of view control film, both of which can be easily incorporated into a laminated screen

Light Control Film (LCF)

A simple analogy for this is to imagine venetian blinds. If you were to stand at 60 to the front of these blinds your view would be blocked by the sides of the louvers. Standing in front of the blinds allows you to see straight through the individual louvers.

Louver Effect

Maximum sheet size 250 x 300mm
Thickness of film 0.76mm
Transmittance 70%
Viewing angle 48
(60 and 90 are available for large orders) 
Operating Temperature -40 to +75C (limitations of the lamination)

The film is a very soft material and it is recommended to laminate it between glass or polycarbonate in order to avoid any scratches which might impair the image quality.

Blur Film

Blur film works by dispersing the incident light at particular angles and transmitting it at all other angles. The appearance therefore changes from translucent to transparent depending on the angle from which it is viewed.

Privacy filters

Surface Materials PET film
Thickness  0.4mm
Standard Size 1000 x 2000mm
Viewing Angle 25
Transmittance  75%
Operating temperature -40 to +75C (limitations of the lamination)