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 Acrylic Sheet and Windows - Perspex

Acrylic is a light weight plastic which offers many of the benefits of glass, such as high optical clarity and excellent scratch resistance, whilst being easy to machine in complex shapes. Ideal for LCD display window or a variety of optically clear covers. It can be supplied in sheets or machined to your drawing. Available in a wide variety of sheet thickness, colours and surface finishes. We also offer Laser Cutting Services for finished products

Standard Sheet Size (mm) 980 x 1480, 850 x 850
Standard Sheet Thickness (mm) 0.5, 0.8, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 

Surface Finish 

A cast acrylic sheet with a standard gloss finish.
Cast non-glare 
A cast acrylic sheet with a non-dispersive etch to eliminate surface reflections. Suitable for applications with bright overhead lighting or where the screen may be in direct sunlight. 


Coloured acrylic sheets can provide effective contrast enhancement for coloured displays. Typical applications are LED, Vacuum Fluorescent and Electro-luminescent displays, where the filter accentuates the colour of the emitted light, making the back of the display appear darker. 

Specific colours can be matched. There is a minimum order requirement of 5 sheets.

Lead Time
Sheets Ex-stock in most cases
Machined parts 7-14 days 


General Properties
Light transmission 92% 
Abrasion resistance BS2100, BS2011, 
Chemical resistance Mild resistance to toluene, inhibisol
Good resistance to white spirit, trichloroethylene, telus oil 33, vitrea oil 27, trichloriotrifloroethane

Thermal Properties
Heat Stability 110C (DIN53460)
Coefficient of linear expansion 0.08mm/mC (VDE0304) 
Specific heat 1.46 Kj/Kg/K
Thermal Conductivity  0.186 W/K.m (DIN52612)

Mechanical Properties 
Tensile strength 65-68N/mm (DIN53455)
Compressive strength 125 N/mm (DIN53454)
Flexural strength 120 N/mm (DIN53452)
Impact strength  12 Kj/m (DIN53453) 
Modulus of elasticity  3000 (DIN53457)
Elongation at break 3-4% N/mm  (DIN53455) 
Hardness 175 (DIN53456)

Electrical Properties
Dielectric strength  40 kV/mm (DIN53481)
Volume resistivity  1016 (DIN53482)
Dielectric constant  3.4  (DIN53483) 
Dissipation factor 0.06 (DIN53483)


All filters are packaged with a protective foil on both sides or wrapped in tissue. We recommend that the filters are stored like this. For all filters, try to limit the number of occasions the filter is handled as this can easily damage it. A few important hints are listed hereunder: 

  1. Handle filters by holding at the edges 
  2. Do not remove the protective foil until final installation of the filter. Inspect the filter by holding it at the edges and peeling back the foil halfway. Replace the foil and then repeat for the other half of the filter. 
  3. Inspection should be carried out in a clean, dust-free environment. Always use lint free wipes or dry compressed air. 
  4. Always ensure that the filter is placed on a clean, dust-free surface.


Clean with an IPA cleaner and a dry, lint free cloth