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 A laminated glass window has approximately the same impact resistance as a toughened piece of glass of the same thickness. A significant added advantage of laminated glass is the security aspect. When a laminated glass window is broken, the glass shards adhere to the adhesive layers rather than scatter about.
This factor is a benefit in applications such as cockpit displays, public information displays, and factory production line controls. This avoids damage to equipment and injury to persons from broken glass.

Recommended Laminated Window Builds

Touchscreens using a glass sensor can be strengthened by laminating a piece of polycarbonate and/or glass onto the rear surface. Polycarbonate is a useful interlayer because of its high impact resistance but also because it can be machined with fixing holes.

Food production line computers should have strengthened screens to protect the display and the production line. Polycarbonate laminated windows are usually specified in these circumstances where there should be no risk of glass contaminating the food.

If an anti-reflective coating is required, an MLAR coated piece of glass can be used on the front surface. Alternatively an anti-reflective coated polyester would be suitable for applications where glass is not acceptable.




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